Our Company

Cytori is committed to providing patients and physicians around the world with medical technologies, which harness the potential of adult stem and regenerative cells from adipose tissue. These technologies enable the research and practice of regenerative medicine in a way that, until now, has not been possible. With the introduction of a family of medical devices, we have made a patient’s own clinical grade stem and regenerative cells available to them at the point-of-care.


The Celution® System family of medical devices and instruments is being sold into the European and Asian cosmetic and reconstructive surgery markets, while we seek regulatory clearance in the United States. Our StemSource® product line is sold globally for cell banking and research applications.


Regenerative medicine is an emerging field that seeks to repair or restore lost or damaged tissue function due to the effects of injury, disease, and aging.  Since 2001, we have maintained an ongoing commitment to explore the potential of adult adipose-derived stem and regenerative cells, positioning us as a global leader in regenerative medicine. Given the vast number of medical applications for stem and regenerative cells, our product development pipeline spans cardiovascular disease, renal failure, pelvic health among other acute and chronic conditions. We invite you to learn more about our company.

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